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Do you want to be the 1st on GOOGLE?
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Do you want a website that sells your product or service to your customer?

Our websites are not boring. You will have a money making machine with our Web design and SEO services, and the best thing in this is that you will have a unique image at the market, so in this way your competition will be average compared to your business.

“I need more people on my website.”

Do you suffer from the following marketing and web design problems?

  • I don’t know what you have to do
  • What is the latest software? How can I create a page?
  • I have a fantastic product or service but I don’t have experience in the online marketing so people can’t find me.
  • What is the SEO? How do I do this?
  • I don’t have time to write content for my website
  • I am afraid that my competitor will be ahead of me - because he can do it much faster with the Internet today
  • I just simply hate the online world but I know that nowadays it is essential so I’m looking for the right people to do it instead of myself.
  • What is Wordpress, Joomla, and HTML? Which will be the best for me?
  • I need a website but I want a good system for my money .

We do not just design websites!

We create a clear and understandable communication for your website too, that is really going to boost your sales.

And more with our Search Engine Optimization in Sarasota and Tampa. Your site will be the 1st page on Google


What will you get if you choose our service?

  1. You will get a modern website. If someone will see your site it is going to be the first impression: “Wow, that site is really cool!”
  2. Your communication on the website will be clear and understandable.
  3. Your site is going to build trust and good reputation
  4. You will be on the 1st page of Google
  5. People will start talking about your business, of course the competitors will be intimidated.
  6. People are going to find your business easier
  7. Your website is going to be fast so people don’t have to wait too much when they find it.
  8. Clear and understandable costumer service, we know that most of the phrases like SEO, hit list, Ad words can be boring and scary. We will explain you the basics so you will understand the process.
  9. If you have more than 20 products we will create you a profitable e-commerce store.
  10. Do you need a website in a foreign language like German or Russian? Good news our company is a European American company and we have experience to create sites more than one language.
  11. Your website will be a responsive website what means people will be able to check your website from their mobile phones.
  12. Your content is going to grab attention, after 5 seconds your costumer will know everything about your business.
  13. If someone is interested in your site, we will make sure that your site will grab your target market attention.
  14. We will fill up your content with key phrases for the SEO  ( Our example: SEO in Sarasota Florida, SEO in Tampa Florida, Web design services in Sarasota, High quality web design and SEO services in Tampa. Copywriting in Sarasota, Tampa area). In this way your website will have quality viewers.

Give me these results! I want you guys to boost up my online marketing.


Call Us: 941-217-9764

Please leave a message if you can’t reach us, we are busy and working on projects, but don’t worry. We will call you back!


We not just save time for you, but with our experience in SEO your website will be a great value in your company, and this value will be only in your business.

With Our SEO service people will find your business after years and of course the traffic in your website is going to be constantly increasing even after several years.

Our services are not an expense, all of these the SEO service the Web Design service, our copywriting service will be a great investment in your life.

We are going to create a sales system on your website.

How does this sales system look like in your case?

Get views, keep the viewers, keep the viewers interested, generate a costumer, generate repeat customers.


The initial outline when outlining the project, discussing milestones, and agreeing on options. We now have a strategy with a plan to coordinate visualization with your ideas and start implementing, making a website.



The first step to getting more information about the company's vision and building a strong relationship. This is the point in making a website where the brand is created, creating a custom strategy, reinforcing the goals of the project.


Once the sketch has been completed, visual concepts are added to the individual project. The creative and development team reviews and reviews the material until it aligns with the purpose of creating the site.



This is where web site review and testing are taking place, ensuring the quality of the project. This is the most valuable step because good reputation is our reputation!




Here is an introduction to the individual project. After the approval, the website starts. In addition, leaning back, you can enjoy the vibrant online business!



An unforgivable, profit killer mistake.

Still, most of the website owners are doing it over and over again. Then they look angry or jealousy at the competition: How the hell do they have so many orders from the internet?

This mistake is that the costumers don’t understand you.

Usually it happens when a professional or a business owner uses too much phrases from the industry where he works, and it is pretty obvious for them, but most of the people don’t understand these phrases at all.

Because of this they lose a lot of costumers, if they would be able to talk about their services in a simple way the whole sales process would be better too.

Basic Thesis: People do not buy something that they don’t understand.

So if you want to sell something in your page you have to make sure that your message is clear and easy to understand.

In our service we are going to make sure that in your site:

  • Everything will be explained and your content will be easy to understand.
  • We are going to create a content that will explain the benefits of your products and services, so your costumer will know why is your product or service good for them.


"It is true that we do not make a website within 1 day, but in order to establish and guarantee its success, it is simply necessary for a 2-week researcher and 1-week planning work before implementation."


Why do you need our Copywriting services?

  • Because you don’t have time and we will save your time!
  • Because you are not in a mood to write, but this is our job
  • Even if you have both you can’t write like us. This is a profession. You have to do a lot of research, and you need thousands of hours of practice. You have to manage your own business and beside this you can’t focus on this. And of course you have 24 hours a day.
  • Because you want more sale
  • Because you want more visitor on your site
  • Because you want a professional business communication.
  • Because you want to write for your target market
  • Because you want a market advantage.


And we are going to make this for you! We do not just write, we sell! We are going to highlight exciting facts about your company, and we will write about your services and products in a way that your costumer will know why your service or products are going to be a fantastic choice for you.

Check out our copywriting services and don’t forget that The Fjood is going to help you!

Do you want a 938% more effective marketing... effortless?


Yes, I want to communicate better with my costumers!


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Please leave a message if you can’t reach us, we are busy and working on projects, but don’t worry. We will call you back!

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What Can We Do?

Better communication! More visitors!

More Sales! Strong market brand!

Use our copy writing services and you will get these!

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